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Meadow and Grassland Restoration

Regional seed mixtures as an effective tool for the conservation of grassland habitat diversity

Please, accept an invitation to a workshop for practitioners, where you will be able to see what brushing, source culture, or seeding looks like. At the same time, you will experience meadowPřečíst celé
On September 4, 2023, a specialised seminar "How to establish a flowering lawn" will take place in České Budějovice, which will deal with regional seed mixtures. For participants, the seminar isPřečíst celé
The season is here, thus we carry on with the field part of our project. For now, we are in the preparatory phase, which includes surveying potentially suitable sites, entering them into our databasePřečíst celé
On 18.4.2023, a specialized seminar for the staff of the Agency for Nature and Landscape Conservation of the Czech Republic (AOPK ČR) took place in Rynoltice in the Lusatian Mountains. The seminarPřečíst celé
It is time to capitalize on all the work we have done over the summer. The seeds we've collected are ready for sowing. For the purpose of our experiment, we have set up several demonstration sites,Přečíst celé
Seed collection has been underway since July in many places in the Czech Republic. It is hard work, but the results will be worth it. Today the collection took place in the area around Mníšek podPřečíst celé
An essential part of our meadow restoration project is the scientific side of things. What machines work best? In what time frame? What exactly can they collect? In order to answer these questions, wePřečíst celé
ČSOP has been dealing with the restoration of species-rich meadows in our territory for quite a long time. In the past, we have supported many small projects within the framework of our meadowPřečíst celé